Need to know the "Why?"

It's pretty much common knowledge now for those of us who keep up with stuff of this nature that peers hold more weight than brand messaging when it comes to influence. The obvious reason for that is the big word "trust" and that traditional marketing is seen as "any thing to make the sale." There's an ulterior motive. Makes sense, I'm on board.

But I'm not content with that. In my job, in what I do, that's not enough. I need to know the "why." Why? Because the "why" is the real phenomenon. The "why" is the kernel of insight that will allow successful solutions and experiences to be crafted. Working off of "people don't trust marketing messages" doesn't give me a lot to go off of. How do you combat that? It is the reason companies are abandoning their marketing tactics. But how do we know that is right either? I think if we take a step back and pretend we are 4 years old again, we might get at something. Remember being 4? Or have you been around a 4 year old lately? They play the "why" game. All. the. time. Anything that can be said can be asked "why." Why? Because the question applies to everything. Why? Because everything is the universe can be questioned. Why?...

See what I mean?

So. I think if we took a moment and started asking those "whys," that is when we will get at the information we need to understand. I'm starting to think it's just basic human nature. And the masses will follow whoever they are made to feel a part of. So if brands can do that better than peers, is there a chance to be a big player in the game of influence again?

hmmm.... but why?

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