Looking to 2008

I know, I know... not only has it been a long time since anyone has posted anything to read here, but now we have the obligatory "it's a new year..." conversation. I have to say, I deliberately didn't post at the start of the year, because fundamentally I'm against the resolution notion. At least in the form it takes for many. For me, it is much more satisfying and useful for goal setting to review what I learned in the year past, and focus on that. I find that if I do that, rather than setting some arbitrary goals for the year to come, I actually find better direction. So, that said, here is my list of things I learned in 2007. To be honest, this is for myself, as much as it is for anyone who happens across this blog. But I hope this list might encourage others to stop and really pay attention to the things you've learned, because only when we recognize them can we put them to work for us. So, here we go.

Top things I learned (realized, came to terms with, etc.) in 2007:

  1. Life moves very, very fast, on many, many levels.
  2. No matter how much you plan, you never, ever know what's coming.
  3. Dealing with big, personal issues changes how the world feels. And sometimes, that's for the better.
  4. It's ok to not know everything. And you don't have to pretend that you do in order to be taken seriously.
  5. Owning your knowledge means sharing it. If you don't, it's only your perception.
  6. Living for today does not have to be at the expense of taking care of your future, and vice versa.
  7. It's important to look at people objectively, not through the lens of your own beliefs and perceptions. If you don't, you really don't know anyone.
So, there you have it. Nothing earth shattering, but looking at each item on this list reminds me of many moments from the past year, and the lessons they taught me. What does that mean for the year to come? Well, for me it boils down to 2 things:
  1. Continue to remember those lessons learned, and not let them go to waste.
  2. Use those insights to figure out what it is I keep feeling in the back of my soul, pulling me to do "something" with that knowledge. I have a feeling if I can narrow down what that "something" is, my list will look very, very different this time next year.
With that, I wish you a happy 2008! And a happy Valentine's Day. (Just so I'm actually ahead of the curve on something.)