Twitter - just a conversation

I just read Dr. Mani's post, relating Twitter to coffee room conversations. Read it here.

There's been much debate around Twitter and platforms like it. Many just don't "get it." They don't see the purpose, or what it can do for them, or why they should play. But like so many other social web outlets, Twitter is just another tool that is bringing already established social interactions to a new medium. Twitter is merely a conversation. One that you participate in or merely listen to. And like offline conversations, the subject matters vary from from personal, to business, to directional. The fact that people Tweet about the lunch the are eating, does not in and of itself make Twitter invaluable, it makes it more real. Because people talk about the lunch they are eating offline as well. They also talk about blog posts that might be of interest to you, theories that make you think and when and where you might meet for a drink.

I think the questions becomes one of personal preference rather than validity of a platform. There are people who like to converse and connect with others, and there are those that don't. Plain and simple, no right or wrong. My suggestion is, if you are on Twitter, choose who you follow carefully. Choose those who you find value in their words, and want to hear about. Hmmm... sounds like some other words of advice I've heard... "choose your friends wisely." It's amazing how it how it all circles back, isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I like your thoughts on this. I was asked to join Twitter by a creative colleague, and thought it looked like a giant world-wide chat room conversation, and didn't really think it would work for me.

But, after giving it a day or two, I noticed that there were some amazingly smart people, who seemed to be in my field, that I would have never been able to connect with any other way.

It seems, for now, Twitter is very intriguing. How else could you ask Seth Godin to comment on my blog, or something similar?

I hope it remains a bit pure, for a while, not for dating or pickup lines.

But you are correct, in that, you could go around "following" every person you can, but be left with a scattered gang of friends that may just be wrong for you!