I am so down with the Virtual Tour de France

The anticipation of the Tour de France this year was hard for me to contain. Basically, I saw a Tour with free competition. No repeat winner would be in the tour no veteran favorites per se, just the complete unknowing of who will be the next Tour de France champion.

With the start of the Tour happening just several days ago I was hungry for information about teams, riders, equipment and breaking news on the tour. In my quest for all this information and knowledge, I ran across a couple sites, which provided information in a simple, visually appealing way.

Here a couple of my favorites:

1. RSS feeds from BBC Sport.com (http://news.bbc.co.uk )

Pre-tour doping news, riders changing teams, one of the best cycling news sources on the Web.

2. Tour de France 2007 site

This one comes with a caveat, specifically I really like the Team area of this site. When you click on details this PDF is displayed outlining the team with facts, images of the bikes they ride, a picture of the one of the riders and the jersey. Very cool!! The layout and design of these PDF are really appealing. They all follow the same pattern so you can compare information across multiple teams very easily.

(Team Astana PDF)

3. Wikipedia (http://wikipedia.org)

For general knowledge on the tour, forget about it, no site has more information.

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